Medical Mystery

Finding the the cause, not masking the symptoms 

Feeling stuck :/

Imagine this. Feeling like your energy and life force is being drain out of you. You can’t seem to do your daily activities. Your thinking becomes slow. You feel like a 90 year old person.

You go to the 10 doctors and medical specialists, and they all say you in perfect health. You start to doubt your sanity.


My Current Symptoms

Fluctuation. These symptoms seem to change at different times of the day/ week. Which makes it really strange to me. Not being able to plan my week. I can’t seem to find correlations when tracking. last update 8may2021

What helps?

  • Onsen, heat stress
  • Cracking of back, neck hips
  • Fasting
  • Sleep
  • coffee+ sugar
  • Deep breathing
  • Chi nei zhang

Bodily discomfort

Unable to relax. Feel the urge to crack back and neck. 1st day of BCSS wanted to crack 1000 times, 



Breathing does not feel automatic. Worsens: When Standing
Improves: Upon waking. Could bloating impede my breathing.



Loose stool, or explosive diarrhoea. Smelly. looks bad.  
Worsens: coconut oil (C6 chain)
Improves: High carb diet. Reduce snacking. Intermittent fasting. Feb 2019, after sibo diet, carnivour for 1 week, coffee enema, enzymes + probiotics+ fermented food, I would consider it solved. Mar21, it came back 1 sec poop. black, inconsistent.


Post exertion malaise

Will regret any strenuous activities. Last Sept 2018, installed digital lock, rock climbing, meeting for 30min with client, exhausted for 1 month. Feb 2019 update, Hiking up tree top walk success, cycling 40km success, walking labrador and macrictche seems to be quite tough. Why does it seem like walking and standing is harder than higher intensity activities? 

Standing drains

Standing will zap my energy. Strangely walking, jogging would usually be better than just standing. Last episode mid nov 2018. Went for a client meeting doc, resting HR 100-120, HRV stressed, oxy 94. seated at cafe for discussion

Recovered Symptoms (Past)

To do duration of cured symptoms


Chronic low blood sugar

Sugar level ranges from 3 to 5 mmol/L at before meals. I do feel terrible when its at 3. Continuous Glucose meter Libre Freestyle 200919-021019


Tensed and unable to Relax

Shoulders used to be shrugged up. Neck muscles tight. Shallow breathing. 


Lack of appetite

I remember staring at my food for an hour. Telling myself that all I had to do was put a spoonful of rice, chew and swallow.. But I couldn’t do it. (end late 2016)



Unable to relax. Feel the urge to crack back and neck. mid 2018


Fluid blocked in head

Right upper neck/ head used to have a feeling of being blocked. (end nov 2018)



involuntary physical and verbal tics which task for 1 sec. (still have at times esp long day with meetings or tired.) 

Chronic Fatigue

Fatigue which happens on and off. Fatigue can last hours, days or weeks. Cycles on and off 010918 install meet climb crashed for 1mth. 110918 to Cameron to rest for 5 days.


Sensitivity to light and sound

Every close of other room door would startle me. Even a sliver of light at night seems distracting. 2017


Feeling cold

Would wear my famous grey jacket everywhere. Including in the hot afternoon sun. I would shiver at cold places. 2017
The last bodily part to gain warmth- My arms, hands and fingers Feb 2019


Constant urination

Pee volume used to be 150/200ml. early 2017


Puffiness in face

Eyes feels strained. cheeks feels puffy. the inner cheeks in my mouth below tongue feels bumpy. Last episode  Nov 2018. 


Mental decline

Days where my brain really isn’t working well. Last early nov2018. 


Sleep for 10 hours or more

Usual sleep patterns would be 10 hours. sometimes up to 16 hours. Would wake up in the middle of night numerous times to urinate. (Slept for 10/12 hours after cycling mid Nov) 211118 12hrs, 22111810 10hrs


Severe brain fog

Lack of focus, concentration, could not think or work. Had to quit my job. (last episode Oct 2018)


Unable to fall asleep

Have to tire myself out to sleep mid 2017. 201118 3hr of sleepless

As of  25 feb 2019, I’m sleeping well, no more waking up in the middle of the night or taking hours to sleep. Sleep time 8.5hr +-1 hr. Deep sleep 1hr 10mins- 1hr 30mins. REM sleep 2h 20min +- 1hr.

Causes of Sickness

Underlying cause rather than symptom management


Diagnose with TB 2016.

Fridge Bed

Yes, a full size fridge next to my bed brewing bacteria. Mostly offed. Got it cause i was hungry all the time. Bacteria infested. Yukes. It was a used fridge passed from another home to my kitchen then my bedroom.

Air-con Trunking

Green and black. 20 years of germ breeding. nourished by rain and condensation from the cold.


1000+ pills of strong antibiotics. Certainly not good for your microbiome or your liver.

Poor Nutrition

Eating Mcdonalds all the time. Chucking coffee. Sugary drinks. High carb load with extra rice or pasta each meal. In school, I will be drinking hot coffee from a melted plastic bottle

Parasites/ SIBO

2015 food poisoning, partial cooked pork patty. Chronic diarrhoea.

Stool analysis 102017 shows : Enterobacter cloacae complex. Klebsiella pneumoniae ssp pneumoniae. Exophiala dermatitidis. Candida albicans


“I must not let any moment be wasted” I had this philosophy. President/ Chair of almost all my CCAs. Took extra modules. worked 25 jobs in 25 years. Yes, almost every holiday. Physically incinerated myself to the ground. DIdn’t give myself a chance to rest. 


Being an avid traveller, I have travelled to Europe and South East Asia. Including:
Slums in Phillipines, Cambodia, Visiting homeless people in UK

Existential Crisis

Read too much dark philosophy on the meaning and purpose of life. Studied politics which is about power and horrible wars.

Poor Lymphatic/ blood flow? Trapped Cerebral Spinal Fluid?

When I lie down at certain positions, somethings, i feel like fluid is being drained. I feel significantly better after that. It’s like the “close all apps” button being pressed.

At my C5 C6 C7, a choke point of my CSF might be possible, especially when inflamed and bad position

Pinched nerve?

Since cracking/ decompressing my back seems to do wonders at time, I think nerve blockage might be a potential cause despite doctors saying otherwise.

Poor Posture

Flat feet, slouching back, looking at notes, books and phones.
Syrinx at C5,6,7 Disc degeneration c5c6c7t12l1l5s1

Broke my mind

Rock climbing is a mental discipline. Shaking and trembling occurs due to built in fear response. I kept pushing my body and mind way past its limits. Pure exhaustion, stress and deep survival life and death moments.

Heavy Metals

Barium, Cadnium, lead, mercury. Hair mineral test 

Help me help others

Spread awareness not disease