I went into it like the surrounding people in the room didn’t matter. I could see Amar seemingly struggling to shake at the start. Trying to breathe, my deep inhale and exhale can be heard. Part of me wanted to remind the 3 others to breathe, Maybe it’s my helper hat I’m putting on. Didn’t feel much. Good because the fear subsided and I’m present.

Intervention of hands in the air wth towel didn’t seem to affect much. Twitching during the breaks. it’s like individual muscles spasming, reminds me of magnesium deficiency.

Compared to individual, nothing really special. Actually I would prefer it as it makes me feel like Isabelle’s time is better used.

Was thinking about the different types of physiological shakes, like cold, yawning shake, stretching shake and sour shake. Complex human biology. Feed a baby lemon and see how they tense up and shake.

Noticed, the white car through the reflection of the lamp. butt matt felt perfect for the head. I wanted to drink my hot tea as a way to calm myself down at the start. Was rushing as I didn’t want to be late.