Hey Lisa,

Glad to have you on my journey to peak health. It will be an exciting one!
Some updates on my part
medical report- All markers good. scarring on my lung improving.
Diet- Mito + Keto. Meal consists of a ton of vege(both raw and cooked). Preparing half of my meals. Occasionally breaking it when going out with people. I didnt follow the mito recipe, but read it many times and used it as a guide. Olive and coconut oil is my staple.
I am not sure if I am in ketosis since I consume so much food, I might have given my brain too much carbs
Stress- Didnt do anything stressful since we met. My body gets really tired when walking.
Sleep- fluctuated during 1st week. quite stable for the past 7 days.  Aiming to wake up 6.30am. Current: 11am
Health Fluctuates quite dramatically. From clear and a sharp mind that feels like cycling and working to half dead depressed zombie with no appetite for life.
Appetite- Overall good. Fluctuates, sometimes Im reallly hungry and I really don’t know why.
Supplements- taking regularly, might need to replace magnesium and PS plus soon(1/5 left). By the way, what does PS plus do again? Cant read 1 line of it.
Stiffness- Rather strange that I feel quite stiff like an old man especially in the morning. Feel better after cracking back. My ache in my lower back seems to have disappeared
Patch on my leg- Got better then got worse. looks inflamed at times. Looking forward to getting rid of it for good
Toxins.- I realise I have been sleeping next to my aircon trunking which contains really disgusting stuff(see video). I immediately ripped everything out and now the whole house has no aircon.
Top of cupboard in kitchen filled with mould. same with floor trap and sink area. removed and cleaned them.
Got rid of teddy bear and fluffy stuff.
Threw wooden bookshelf
Clean dryer for the 1st time in years.
Replaced garbage chute. Tons of cockroach eggs hidden.
Living in a 25 year old house means hidden bacteria mold and germs
The biggest question I have for myself is: Why does my health fluctuate so much??
Photos of food are yummy. photos of toxins are nightmare inducing
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