Endocannabinoid System which is involved with:

  • Energy level and alertness regulation
  • Regulating inflammation
  • Fighting stress, fear, pain, and anxiety
  • Starting and stopping our body’s stress response


Reduce serotonin dopamine, acetylcholine, Gaba

Destroying Thyroid

Decrease self-control and higher thinking which leads to self-destructive behaviors like mcdonalds and alcohol

Crave sugar. Orexin is a neurotransmitter which is suppressed by sugar.  High orexin high energy, low orexin low energy. sugar chronic inflamation

Chronic inflammation. Cortisol suppose to stop inflammation, too much causes immune cells to be numb to signal.

Immune function depletes. Which allows latent virus bacteria to attack

Circadian rhythm disrupter. prolongs sleep latency, decrease slow wave sleep, more nightmares and unconscious priming.

Wrecks mood and cause depression. CRH (corticol releasing hormone)  and dynorphin implicated in depressive episodes. Chronic HPA also induce depression. reduce BDNF. Dendritic Retraction which regulates energy.

up pain to up stress which up pain. become more sensitive

Lower hormones. Pregnenolone steal. ups cortisol, down testosterone dhea progesterone

Damage mitochondria.

Leaky brain barrier

flushes out beneficial minerals

leaky gut.