What comes out of you tells a great deal about your health!

Shit, poop manure, dung, number 2, whatever you want to call it. You produce a shit ton of it.

Imagine a Ford car factory. The quality of the cars coming out tell a lot about the different assembly lines. Maybe the spray paint is off. Oops they forgot to put on the tires, oh look the car is the length of the bus. Wow, there is a worker still in the finished car.

Now who are those worker? They are bacteria, fungi, yeast and other micro organisms.

Take away


Your poop is alive. your poop is you and tells a ton about your nutrition and health.

11 ways to look at your poop
color, size, consistency, frequency, transit time, we’ve got the smell, it’s all about your wipe, you got to know how it lands, whether it sinks or it floats, the mess that it leaves in your toilet bowl, whether your stool is rough or smooth, and the feeling that you have, whether it’s full evacuation or a non full evacuation.

For a visual of poop persona: