650nm Red light

850NM Near Infrared

2400Watt  Total power


Photon stimulation

About video

Power of the SUn

This is the closest I’ve been to the sun in terms of power rating. 2,400 Watt is no joke. Just look at the image. If Google Pixel with one of the best cameras can’t handle it, its too powerful. The photo shows horizontal banding. This happens when the light source is too intense and shutter speed is ramped up.

Shutter speed: 1/4695 at ƒ/1.8
This is completely ridiculous :S  (For baseline, photo taken in same room with NovoThor off was 1/30.
Ok, so why should I care about this geeky stats?



You can actually get the same wavelengths of light form household devices. On your TV, put it to max brightness, use a spectrometer to calibrate 650nm wavelength. Use your electic heater or stove/oven and let it radiate heat. It will emit 850nm. 

Exploding head

The session felt harmless as though nothing much happened. I feel recharged, but that could be simply lying down resting. 
1hr after, my there was so much blood flow in my brain, it felt like exploding. So bad that I took a cab to Labrador park to chill. 

Blood Flow?

Did you know you can improve your brain by shining light? According to Dr. Michael Hamblin, Ph.D., who is a thought leader in photobiomodulation from Harvard Medical School. He says that one of the biggest benefits is improvement in cognition. “I believe the biggest single area of application is the brain.”

So, let’s take sudden events that can happen to you. You can have a stroke, you can get hit on the head and you end up with a traumatic brain injury. You can be starved of oxygen if you have a heart attack or a baby who has difficulties during birth. Anytime you’re starved of oxygen, you’ll end up with brain damage. So, all of these are like a sudden traumatic events – stroke, head injuries, being starved of oxygen. And photobiomodulation, there is good evidence it will benefit people who have unfortunately been inflicted with these.

So, we’re talking about increasing cognitive performance, improving memory, improving sleep, improving like emotional regulation and all these things which happened to you when you’ve had brain damage. Okay, so that’s a traumatic event.

let’s take another large class of brain disorders which are neurodegenerative diseases. So, everybody, these days is worried sick about coming down with dementia, and there’s going to be an epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and the nursing homes are going to be sort of filled up with old folks, and nobody left to look after them and it’s all doom and gloom because every pharmaceutical treatment that’s ever been tested for Alzheimer’s failed. About several trials, I think about four or five for photobiomodulation for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease have had remarkable success on a small scale. These are generally trials of 5, 10 people, that sort of scale because it’s expensive.

Who is Novothor for?

Of course the internet says people who are in pain. Skin anti-aging, hypothyroidism, around athletic performance and recovery, and fat loss.

I think it is they miss out an important group of people- Busy executives.

Relaxing on the Novothor is not only meditative, it super charges your brain and you can track this on cognitive apps such as elevate or luminosity.

So, why not supercharge your brain and your mitochondria?