This word is contaminated and spoiled. It could refer to facial cream and beauty products too. The biggest problem- People visualize a sickly frail old man or lady, half dead and asking for death.

They ask> why would anyone want to live longer?! They might continue to say, there is a difference between living longer and living better.

next time I explain my plan, I would say:

I creating a plan to help my parents live better.
To be mentally their sharpest when they are in their 80s
To climb mount Fuji when they are 90s
To dance on their 100th birthday party.
To become mentors for the younger generation when they are 110
To fulfill the jewish blessing- may you live to be 120
To live without meds
To be healthy, vibrant, full of energy and a zeal for life

I believe now and not later is the time to start.
Because intervening when they have alzheimers, dementia, cancerous, diabetic, frail and weak. It prolonging death.and that is the curse of life.
I would only wish to prolong suffering on my worse enemies.

But for people I care about- I wish to prolong life.
L’Chaim : To Life