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Mitochondria Oct 18

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Referred to do Mitochondria Dysfunction test. From KTPH to NUH. Unfortunately, seems like conventionally Mitochondria test is only done in young children.

Check out Blog article Mitochondria not hypochondria

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MRI Sept 2018

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MRI summary and Chiropractor’s reply

At C5 and C6, early anterior osteophytes suggestive of spondylotic changes are seen
early degenerative changes – possibly as a result of past neck trauma like whiplash injuries
At C5-6 interspace level, a mild irregular posterior disc bulge and small annular tear is noted. 
At C6-7 small right paracentral disc bulge and annular tear is noted
small and mild is good. tears are not good. being able to keep the spine moving freely, and able to load / take on stress will ensure these discs stay as well as possible for as long as possible. i would do this by adjustments and mobilisation of the spinal joints, improving movement and posture
At C5-6, 0.5cm syrinx in the craniocaudal direction
At C6-7, 1.6cm syrinx extends from the posterior aspect.
something to look and possibly address -depending on cord compression or CSF blockage, as well as symptoms. intervention is usually some sort of invasive medical procedure.
At T12-L1, a focal disc protrusion in the left paracentral direction. This causes an indentation of the thecal sac and minimal narrowing of the left lateral recess. 
as per C5-6 discs
At L5-S1 interspace level, mild degenerative disc disease.
At L5-S1, a focal postero- central disc bulge is seen. This indents the thecal sac. 
not unexpected to see some problems here as this was where past symptoms came from. 
At Sacral spinal Canal, small Tarlov cysts seen.
have not seen Tarlov cysts in clinic before, so thank you for showing me something new! 🙂 as long as they are small its not a problem – again depending on symptoms and size, you should not have to do anything to them.
27 Sept 2018
Went to see Singapore  spine surgeon. Basically said don’t waste his time.
Hormone Panel July 2018

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Respiratory Specialist July 2018

My spirometry results are way above average. Went for a check to find out how TB have affect my lungs which still shows some scarring.

Stool test 102018
Others 2015

KTPH tiredness/ urology report
Yishun Poly Urology report

Basically doctors were dismissive of my symptoms and could not detect the bacteria growth.

From my journal”
20 nov 2015 

Nothing wrong with me. Maybe if i try to focus and build on the power of now eat well. 

What happend? Feeling like crap(lets call it the zombie feelking and create a file for it) 

Check up shows nothing wrong with me.  

Recommends sleep study. Perhaps. Ficking expensive… wtf. 500+ for 1 night i wont be going because of cost. I would rather take tcc 

I should track sleep again.  


Never never ever dehydrate yourself to that extent ever again. 

21 nov was espescially bad because tics…. fuck fuck fuck you shit soo bad…  so embaressing built up tension and blurts. I am just looking for somebody who cares for me.  

Took another blood test to make sure. 

Sleep study starts at 8pm. Wah… cannot sleep at 8 confirm plus chop. 


23 oct 2015 

General medicine.  

always tensed. Always tired. 

Walk like a robot, breath shallow. It will affect my lips. Mental fog. And i cannot push myself.  

Dr foo ad win 

A doctor who always laughs. Ask about everything. Asked me to lie down to check my tummy and my chest. Says i have a  flat chest. Or rather flat ribcage 

Checks mental. Appetite. Exercise. Suspects sleep apnea 

8 sept 2015 Orthopaedic surgery. 

Main concern: feeling of exhaustion. Cant breathe. Mental fog. Automatically feel i need to lie down and rest. 

When I do I usually get a great sense of relieve. 

Lower back is in contant pain. Dull aching 

Knee cap pain. Left knee. Im scared to cycle or run.  

Knee cap popping. 

Neck pain 


Option of doing MRI $800 for neck and back 

$300? For knee cap. 

This will check disc properly. Unlikely got problem. This can only be followed up by surgery or physio. 


Dr yap checked for strength. Press down dont let me push. Flexibility. Trembling.   

Chiropractor acupuncture.. not conclusivse evidence. 

Refer to general medicine. Physiotheraphy. “





Other timeline events

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  • Unremarkable except for TB
    Tests indicates a healthy individual
  • Symptoms does not match conventional medical diagnosis
  • Since test does not match symptoms, patient must be crazy, incredibly stress, rotten character, or an attention seeking hypochondriac


  • April 2016  TB diagnosis
  • TCC 290416
  • Israel 16-2912016
  • 08-120517 Masters
  • Europe 100417 to 190518
  • Thailand cycle 240713 060813
  • Exchange 100813 – 230114
  • Vietnam Cambodia 290715 to 080815
  • Phillipines 12-260915
  • Guilin 01-151210
  • kinabalu 260909 to011009
  • inside out 251015