I bought continuous glucose meter(CGM) because sugar levels are very important. I’m also sure I will not be in a ketogenic diet all the time.  I stuck one in and just ate whatever food makes me happy.

  1. Blueberries Spikes my glucose levels
  2. Rice Spikes it too. you can see when i eat my onigiri
  3. A small banana rice cake maybe 50 cal, spikes to 9
  4. Energy drink, Fruits and cooked rice spikes more than ramen, pancakes, fries
  5. My first meal after fast shows the biggest spike. Such as  sushi splurge after my flight to japan
  6. Eggs, coffee, fats, does not spike my sugar level.
  7. Drinking hot chocolate slowly seems ok.
  8. Adding in meat seems to blunt spikes.
  9. On 30th of Sept, it looks like my pancreas gave up on me. I felt terrible. OR CGM spoilt.
  10. Fastest way to diabetes- after a fast, eat lots of fruits or rice.

This 14 day experiment cost me $88. The needle is bigger than expected but was not painful at all
It got Itchy after 10 days
Did not interfere in my day to day activities. I did sauna and cycled and no issues
Got to be careful when changing clothes
Makes me aware of the types of food I eat, when I eat, what I eat them with.
Looking forward to Dexcom G6 in Singapore. and in 5 years google/dexcom product