While, as much as possible I would like to give and give. I think I do at this point. Not holding on to material riches and luxury(I hope I’m not that person).

First, I assume that humans are generous and stingy in different areas of their lives. For my current self, Im generous in my time, very different from 5 years ago. I give freely trade money for people’s health. I no longer value institutional learning highly. Food expenditure creates dissonance, I find expensive food a “waste” but still spend. I have a weak spot for those who are helpless. Homeless, poor, dejected and rejected.

Scarce resources: TIME, Money, Emotional energy, other long term commitments.

Making scarce resources free. Digitalise, help in a community as people might be nicer? Recording and outreach gives a multiplier on help. Stacking helps, like exercising while talking. Or group sessions.

How to detect people who are takers and opportunist? Small test at the start. Yes people might warn and caution me. However, usually I give people the benefit of the doubt and evaluate by myself.

Reminds me of a question asked to a social psychologist on the tony robbins podcast. What percentage of people steal $10 worth of stuff from organisations. Trick question. If answer if high.. say 90 percent.. usually means they steal too. Another lesson I learn is by Jack in army, It is about collecting favour cards and not using them like free. Mentor tell their mentees that they have nothing to gain from them, they have riches already. BUT there is something magical about offering to give.