My gums hurt. They were bleeding, smelly and super sensitive. I was already using sensodine and colgate sensitive toothpaste.

I went down to the nearest dentist,a young girl who I didn’t feel comfortable with. When she did my scaling, my gums just hurt so badly, I tried to tolerate the pain but it felt like she was sawing my gums open!

It hurt so bad I LEFT HALFWAY. Swearing to myself to insist on a dentist with more experience.

I booked another dental appointment from what seemed to be a caring doctor. It had a cross on the dental clinic. As I entered, I can see poster. You know? Those which indicates a caring dentist etc? Bibical quotes and all. After the session, the dentist insisted I used this fluoride paste. I asked about its safety. In the most robotic voice I’ve heard, as tough he recited this 1000 times. It goes something like this: According to the ? year study on fluoride… blah blah, blah blah blah it is definitely safe

I opened my mouth and in went the mouth guard looking fluoride paste which tasted like toothpaste. Yum, it tasted sweet.  I felt my saliva leaked down my throat.

He asked me to leave it on for like 15- 20mins i think. I paid and left. I sat at starbucks while waiting. So i bought a cup of coffee. Well I was thirsty and got tempted. You know what happens next yea?

I opened the cup of coffee whiffed the aroma, spat out as much fluoride from my mouth and happily gulped the delicious hot liquid.


Now that I’m typing this. I cringe just thinking about the amount of poison that just entered my bodily system. sigh…

You heard people saying that the fluoride in the tap water is bad, and the fluoride in toothpaste will cause your teeth to be hard in a bad way i.e. Brittle. How about ingesting concentrated fluoride?

Turns out 98% of floride gets into your GI tract where it deposits around your body. It get deposited my brain too. Pineal gland I’m so sorry.

“Fluoride uptake in vascular walls was demonstrated in 361 sites of 54 (96 percent) patients, whereas calcification was observed in 317 sites of 49 (88 percent) patients.”

If you are reading this, learn from my brain damage. Avoid:
1. Fluorinated tap water
2. Toothpaste
3. Fluoride gel at your dentist