I have a cough-o-meter and a Sneeze-a-meter. Located in between my cortex and amygdala semi conscious counting and hyper aware.


I heard a cough. Someone in the super market was coughing at the cashier. Next the cashier coughed. My protocol kicked in. I examined the area around them and made a guess if they are sick. I think maybe not. phew. still I avoided them and in my turn held my breath for a while.


It was waiting time, the plane leaves in 30mins. As I entered the waiting area, the orchestra of coughers played their sympony. lady on my left cough liked a child. futher in front seemed like a  sneeze and diseased cough. I moved to the corner of the room and waited for the unsynchronised melody of subside.


I reached my friend’s house, as the wife entered the main door, 2 loud nasal sneeze could be heard. We did our stuff and as I was about to leave the husband coughed. Makes me wondered why the precise location of the door entrance. Boxes filled with germs?