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My sleep Story

It was a late night in 2013, I was studying late into the night. I would sit at my favourite nasi lemak stall reading my university notes while drinking a cup of teh tarik and eating nasi lemak which had double of triple portions of rice. After studying and filled...


Biggest supporter of metformin: Written April 2017, with 57 citations Most promising data 15% higher survival rate using metformin over control over 5  years. Can people with type 2 diabetes...

Lessons from Libre Freestyle Continuous Glucose meter

I bought continuous glucose meter(CGM) because sugar levels are very important. I'm also sure I will not be in a ketogenic diet all the time.  I stuck one in and just ate whatever food makes me happy. Blueberries Spikes my glucose levels Rice Spikes it too. you can...

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