Before the session, was just thinking about breathlessness working on fatigue and breathlessness. After questioning, what came out? Family, tics, business, healthcare career.

Kind of why both like and hate the deeper probings. For instance, questions like “why do you want that” or “so as to achieve..” mostly results in replies i dont feel strongly towards, just trying to answer the questions. Still building the Why is important and I would also probe people that Im trying to help. I wish I would master the skill to pick up the signal from the noise. The whats really important when i ask whats important.

I am a commitment to myself, to my health and my vitality
For the sake of caring for friends, family and people I love

Quite looking forward to somatic coaching. Being concious of my body and emotions takes training. Welcome to jedi academy

Centering was seriously hard. My body was breaking down every minute. Feel like I was planking. Eyes were blacking out, bone were creeking and cracking, felt like closing my eyes. Felt ridiculously uncomfortable. Other than the body manifesting stuff, it also shows that Ive not stand still for quite a while. Maybe i should try that 5 mins of intentional standing.

Wow look at how much Ive grown, some mastery over my goosebumps, heart rate and blood pressure. Taking control of the automated responses like when my breathing stops working properly and Ive to force myself to breathe.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering -master yoda”

Sadness mellows my numbness, mellows from my eyes ears and cheeks and goes downwards and anger burns my freeze. It burns from my chest and radiates blood to my peripheral. I draw power from the furance of rage.

When Im alone, Guilt leads to psychosis. Fear leads to freeze.

Shall read research on tics. Is positive realignment of i love you clement a good strategy after tics?

I am fully commited to my health