Had cycled the day before, quads and calve muscle were quite activated. Felt fear and anxiety during calve exercise. Some sadness on my left chest during sitting down exercise. Wanted to explore more movements since there was some supervision. When Im doing TRE by myself, its more on the hips. Today focused on upper body. Hands though finally warm were only slightly activated. My favourite was swaying movement at chest and neck level. Felt like fluids were being moved.

Liked the high ceiling, room had echo so cant hear some parts. Through TRE I noticed my visual autonomic arousal when looking at bright lights contrasting with dark room.

15min somatic session, which i shall call panda eyes removal session. Reminds me of eye training/EMDR. Movement of hands across my cheek bones felt incredible. When my ribcage were shifted, I felt skinny and a tab of shamed, a visual image of just bones.

The more time I spend with health people, dr, tcm, somatic trauma, and sufferers, the more certain I am about going into health.

Felt great after session, but wired and tired for the rest of the evening. Actually i felt exhausted, maybe I ate too little.